Thursday, January 29, 2015

My solution to late night snacking

Hello again! Second post of the year, but actually I'm cheating. This skirt was made in 2014, but I didn't get around to photographing it until now. Well, on way or another, I'm not gonna getcha, but I'm going to tell you about it.

This is the Senna dress & skirt pattern from Lindsay Woodward patterns. I was actually a pattern tester for this pattern, back in September. You can see the LBD I made using this pattern here, together with my long gone and much missed summer tan. This time I went for the skirt variation. This is such a simple make, takes absolutely no time and uses a minimum amount of fabric! Check, check and check! What else do we need?

Again I cut a size 8 with no alterations and used a medium weight grey jersey and a 1/4" elastic for the ruching. In my opinion this is the perfect variation of the classic stretchy skirt, because the ruching gives it an optical interest and it's perfect to hide the winter belly under! Late night snacking on these cold winter nights anyone? or is it just me?

So what do you think of this make? Are you a fan of ruching or do you prefer the plain jersey skirt better?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Black Linden Sweatshirt

Hi guys! First make of 2015 is here and its lovely! This is the Linden sweatshirt pattern from Grainline studio. Another great make from Jen! 

I chose View A for a classic sweatshirt look. I cut a size 8 with no alteration and used a black fleece I had in my stash. The drafting and the instructions in this pattern are beautiful and very well worked and everything comes together without any fuss . It was a really quick make. I sewed everything in my serger and the whole garment took less than 2 hours. I cheated and printed the Print at Copy shop version of the PDF pattern, so that speeded things up. 

I love this make! It's super comfy and perfect for both in and outside the house. Definitely a pattern I'm going to use again in the future! Jen has also a post over at her blog with inspiration for different variations of the pattern. Make sure to check it out! So what do you think?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week in recap

1.Enjoying some Indian food/ 2. Soup making/ 3. Late night snack/ 4.Cozy nights/ 5. More soups/ 6.Thank you for 8 wonderful years buddy

This week had its ups and downs for sure. It was all about returning to everyday life and organising. You know it's all about setting the tone for the new year. But one of the hardest decision had to be made this week also. After 8 wonderful years we had to put down our dog due to health issues. He'll be missed for sure! 

So this week I was:


Lately I'm obsessed with soups! This week I made two new recipes and I loved both of them! One is this power protein one from EssieButton and the other one is this cauliflower creamy one from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I definitely suggest both of them for these cold winter nights!


This week is all about organising and making lists. I loved By Hand London's New Year's Re-sew-lutions and Sew Mama Sew's tips for transitioning to a (mostly) handmade wardrobe. Both helped me get my sewing mojo back. Now it's all about planning.


I've been obsessed with this Billie Jean cover from the Civil Wars. 


This quote from textile designer Audrey Ducas: "A woman is at her most beautiful when she's kind, lively and imaginative, goes through life consciously and stays authentic, however she looks." You can read her whole interview "Beauty tips from a French girl" over at A Cup of Jo.

So how was your week? Did you do anything exciting?

Happy new week everybody!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fresh start and new perspective

Hello guys and happy new year! I hope you had a lovely holiday season with your loved ones and the new year finds you well and refreshed. So is that time of the year again-the fresh start-when ideas are flowing and lists are made. These are my new year resolutions or-better-goals I want to achieve in 2015.

1. Declutter and organise my flat and especially my sewing area and keeping it that way. This is extremely important to me, mainly because I can't function or create anything in a cluttered space. A organised space is what keeps my creative mojo up and going!

2.Buy a new diary and be more organised. My boyfriend can't stand that in 2015 I prefer using a diary to organise my tasks, when I can use the digital calendar in my mobile, that I can sync with my computer and have my tasks and to-do lists, everywhere with me-his words, not mine! But for me, organisation is a new diary, my favorite pen and a cup of coffee.  

3.Be more organised with my sewing and my creativity in general. After reading this amazing post over at Sew Mama Sew, about transitioning to a mostly handmade wardrobe and seeing the "Make me a wardrobe 2015" hashtag from My Make Do and Mend Year, I really want to focus my sewing more. Until now it seems that I had a "having a go at whatever seems nice" kind of approach to my sewing. From now I want to concentrate more and be more consistent with my sewing.

4.In extension to the previous goal,  I'm committing to less WIP's in 2015. Often I start a project, but when things get tricky or I lose interest I quickly move to the next one. I really want to change that. 

5.Blog more and try to have variety in the posts. I'll try to commit more to the blog this year and be more consistent.

6.Photograph more. I used to love photography and spent a lot of time practising it, but nowadays my camera rarely makes it outside its case. I'm thinking about doing a photography challenge in order to boost my creativity again.

7.Be healthier. These wouldn't be new year's resolutions if this wasn't included! Like everybody else I'd like to eat healthier and workout a little bit more in the coming year. I started this 30 day yoga challenge from Yoga with Adriene and I love it!

These are just some first goals of the top of my head for the new year. I'm sure lots is going to change and more goals and resolutions will be added. Wishing you a happy and creative new year!

2015 bring it on! 

How about you? Have you made any new year's resolutions? Is there anything you want to focus on this coming year? I'd love to know!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy holidays

Hello guys! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas surrounded by loved ones and lots of food! I had a lovely time celebrating with friends and family.Now it's back to work until next week's mini break!
Wishing you happy holidays! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week in photos

Hello everyone!I'm terribly sorry for the radio silence around here this last month. I've been really busy with work and things. I haven't actually touched my sewing machine for over a month, but I hope this will change soon. I have a couple of makes I want to share with you, but for now this is what went by last week. It's been all about graduation, taking my interior design degree and Christmas coming. 

photos from my Instagram
                                      Top to bottom,left to right:
                                      1. Graduation happened this week! I took my interior design degree!
                                      2.Coffee time at my day off
                                      3.Christmas decorations at my house
                                      4.Decorations in all the rooms
                                      5.Good friends bake their friends Christmas cookies
                                      6.Christmas decorations everywhere!

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week in photos

photos from my Instagram

                                      Top to bottom,left to right:
                                      1.The first zipper I installed using a proper invisible zipper foot! Makes all the difference!
                                      2.Organizing my pdf sewing patterns
                                      3.Sunday morning breakfast
                                      4.A good breakfast sets the tone for the day
                                      5.Flowers from the farmers market to brighten up a gloomy day
                                      6.New blog post: the comfiness of the track pants

Wish you all a lovely and creative new week!