Sunday, July 6, 2014

Travelling: Bergamo, Italy

Hello guys! I hope you're well and you're enjoying your summer. The temperatures here in Greece are sky high at the moment and I haven't had the time to go swimming yet! But let's hope this will change soon. These past couple of months had been really busy. Too much uni and work stuff going on, but thankfully I'm over with most of that now and I'm ready to enjoy some relaxing summer time soon. 

Last week I took a 4-day vacation to Bergamo, Italy. The trip was actually a gift and I couldn't be more thankful! Unfortunately I spent the last two days inside the hotel room with a horrible eye infection. I'm really sad this happened and I couldn't enjoy my vacation as I wanted. But the first two days we had a beautiful time exploring the city of Bergamo and the old city, Citta' Alta. I was amazed by the landscapes and the architecture of the place. These are some of the photos we took whilst there. 

Do you have any plans for vacations this summer?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Black Maxi Kelly

Hello guys! How is everyone enjoying the summer weather? This week is really exciting for me! First of all I'll be done working in a project I didn't really like and secondly and most importantly I'll be flying to Italy for a 4-day getaway!!  It'll be my first time visiting Italy and I can't wait!
But over to sewing now! This is my maxi Kelly skirt by Megan Nielsen patterns. Kelly was never in my list, simply because I didn't think this shape was suited for me. That was until I saw this amazing version of the skirt from Holly Dolly and I knew I had to make it. As you already know, I'm a sucker for maxi skirts! For this one I cut a size M, lengthened the pattern pieces, left slits on the sides and used gathering instead of pleats. 
I love this skirt! It's so unique and interesting and the perfect twist to the classic maxi skirt. I definitely want to make more of these! 

So how about you? Are you more of a maxi, midi or mini skirt lover?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Nettie sewalong

Hi guys! I'm quickly popping over to tell you that I entered the Nettie sewalong contest with my Navy Nettie dress. You can vote for me here if you like! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nettie vol.2

So summer is officially here! Sky-high temperatures are here for good and any garment that can give proper coverage with minimum amount of fabric touching the skin is a must. Enter my second Nettie. I loved my first version, but wanted to make a dress more appropriate for summer as well. This time I cut a size 8 for the bust and graded to a size 10 for the waist and hips. This definitely fixed the dropping shoulder problem from my first version. I made the scoop front, medium back version, omitted the sleeves and just hemmed the armholes by turning 1 cm under. For this version I used  the leftover jersey fabric from my Hemlock tee.

I already raved and showed my love for this pattern and Heather's creativity. Nettie is definitely an addiction! Once you make one, you can't stop making them. I see many more versions coming.

So how about you? Have you make a Nettie? 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Striped Briar

Top: self-made/ Jeans: Zara/ Shoes: All Star Converse
Hello everyone! Sorry for the quietness around here these days. I finally finished my last project for my uni! I'm really happy and proud with the outcome. It's wonderful to see all those hard hours and sleepless days finally paying off! So this means more time for sewing and (hopefully) photographing my makes for the blog!

Over on this make now. If you followed me in Me-Made May this year, you'd have notice my love for Megan Nielsen's patterns. Megan's patterns are beautifully drafted and are perfect for everyday wear! As I've said before, as much as I love a fancy dress, I'm more of a jeans and tee kind of gal in an everyday wear basis. Enter the Briar sweater and t-shirt pattern! One of the things I dread more when sewing tees is the neckband. I get really frustrated when things just don't match! But Briar couldn't be further far from this scenario. Everything fits together amazingly well! This is my fourth Briar already and each one is equally awesome. For this one I cut a straight size M, no alterations needed, and used a soft, light-weight striped jersey fabric. It came together in less than two hours! I love makes like this. I actually sewed this one a while back, but being the lazy rat that I am, I left it unhemmed, making it one more unnecessary WIP in my ever-so-growing pile. It's been extremely hot right now here in Greece to wear it, but fear not, that when Autumn comes this baby is going to get a lot of action!

I hope you are not tired of stripes around here yet, because unfortunately for you, there are more striped makes coming your way. What can I say? An addiction, is an addiction!

What is your everyday wear style? Are you a dress to impress or a jeans and tee kind of gal?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nettie Navy dress

Hello everyone! So summer is here I hear! Looking forward to summer sewing? I definitely am! Many sewing happenings are taking place right now around the sewing blogosphere. Voting for Sewing Indie Month is starting today and ending at the 13th of June and an different and really interesting contest, the Knitcation contest is taking place over at Coletterie.  You basically have to use Colette's Mabel and/or Moneta patterns to create a 7-day wardrobe for a (real or imagined) trip. This sounds really interesting! 

But over to this dress now! This is my very first Nettie dress. If you don't know about the Nettie pattern by now I have to think you're leaving under a rock. Nettie bodysuit and dress pattern is the newest pattern from Closet Case patterns created by the lovely Heather Lou. Heather's blog is one of my favorites to read and her makes are an instant inspiration for me! When the pattern launched my first reaction was finally! Someone spotted the gaps in the pattern industry. But Nettie is not an ordinary pattern! The pattern has two options, one is a bodysuit version and the other one is a dress. But it doesn't stop there. It also includes a choice of 3 sleeve lengths, 2 necklines and 3 back variations (a high, a medium and a low back!!!). Multi-pattern or what? 

For my first version I went with the 3/4 sleeves, scoop neck and medium back. I used a 2-way stretch, medium weight striped knit fabric. I sewed a straight size 10, but it turned out to be a little big in the bust and as a result the shoulders are dropping if much movement is involved. I will try to fix this, but next time I definitely have to go with an 8 for the bust. 
I seriously love this pattern. The possibilities are endless, the drafting is amazing and the instructions are really clear and easy to follow. I love seeing versions of this pattern all around the internet and I' m already planning my next version. You're definitely going to see more of this pattern around here!

So what about you? Have you caught the Nettie bug yet?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Me Made May weekly recap + conclusions

Hello guys! I can't believe Me Made May is over! I had really fun discovering my me-made wardrobe. But sadly my last week of Me Made May was a total disaster! I had so much uni work that I spent the majority of the week at home in my pj's, in front of my laptop. The only times I needed to get dressed was for a quick trip to the supermarket or to run errands around the neighborhood. Hence the super casual outfits of this week. 

Outfit 1:
H&M Top
Converse All Star

Outfit 2:
Zara top
Converse All Star

Outfit 3:
Briar top (Megan Nielsen patterns)
Bershka jeans
Converse All Star

Another all Megan Nielsen pattern's Me Made May week!

This was my first time participating in Me Made May. It was a really interesting experience that helped me see my me-made wardrobe with another perspective and discover the gaps in my wardrobe. Although May was the worst month for me, because the only thing I did this month was working on my final project for uni, mostly from home. So this meant that I had nowhere to go and no reason to get dressed to normal clothes! 
So during Me Made May I discovered that:
  • My sewing is more on the practical side. Sure I love a fancy dress, but I want to be able to wear my handmade garments on a daily basis. And since I'm more of a jeans and tee kind of gal my sewing tends to consists mainly of tees, leggings, slouchy tops and knit dresses.
  • I love Megan Nielsen patterns. I didn't realised until now, but more than half of the me-made things I wore for Me Made May were made from Megan's patterns. I think they're really practical and perfect for everyday wear.
  • I love stripes! I mean did you see my outfits last week? I look like I'm working in the Navy! 
  • The only print right now in my me-made wardrobe is stripes. My style is more on the minimal, monochromatic side, but I'd like to add more print in. Maybe I'm influenced by Sophie's amazing makes and how she styles them perfectly, mixing prints together! 
  • I need more bottoms in my wardrobe. I have many tops, tees and blouses, but not enough trousers, shorts or skirts.
Overall I really enjoyed participating this year and I hope that next year my me-made wardrobe will be even better!

photos from my Instagram
So did you participate in Me Made May this year? What did you discovered about your wardrobe?