Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week in photos

Hello everyone!I'm terribly sorry for the radio silence around here this last month. I've been really busy with work and things. I haven't actually touched my sewing machine for over a month, but I hope this will change soon. I have a couple of makes I want to share with you, but for now this is what went by last week. It's been all about graduation, taking my interior design degree and Christmas coming. 

photos from my Instagram
                                      Top to bottom,left to right:
                                      1. Graduation happened this week! I took my interior design degree!
                                      2.Coffee time at my day off
                                      3.Christmas decorations at my house
                                      4.Decorations in all the rooms
                                      5.Good friends bake their friends Christmas cookies
                                      6.Christmas decorations everywhere!

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week in photos

photos from my Instagram

                                      Top to bottom,left to right:
                                      1.The first zipper I installed using a proper invisible zipper foot! Makes all the difference!
                                      2.Organizing my pdf sewing patterns
                                      3.Sunday morning breakfast
                                      4.A good breakfast sets the tone for the day
                                      5.Flowers from the farmers market to brighten up a gloomy day
                                      6.New blog post: the comfiness of the track pants

Wish you all a lovely and creative new week!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Did I get dressed?

I don't really know if this outfit says " I got dressed this morning" or " I jumped right out of bed and run out the door". So the line between normal - pajama clothes is really close with this one. These are my Anima pants from Papercut patterns. It's my third make of them and I have to say I really love this pattern. I cut a straight size Small with no alteration and used a weird stretchy fabric I had in my stash. For the waistband I used the wrong side of the same fabric. I'm contemplating whether to add ankle cuffs or not. What do you think? I can't get over how comfortable these pants are! 

For the top I used the Plantain t-shirt pattern from Deer & Doe and graded up to a size 44 for a more slouchy look. I love the scoop neck in this one! I serged everything except the hems. A really quick and instant gratification make!

I find that styling track pants is quite difficult! What's your take on them? What do you pair track pants with?

top: self-made/ pants: self-made/ shoes: All-Star converse

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week in photos

photos from my Instagram
                                      Top to bottom,left to right:
                                      1.I guess now winter is coming
                                      2.New blog post featuring a Charlotte skirt and a Nettie crop top
                                      3.Dinning out for my dad's birthday
                                      4.Reunited with this cutie
                                      5.Travelling to my hometown
                                      6.Button sewing: fun times!(said noone ever)

Have an amazing week everyone!

A love affair

top: self-made/ skirt: self-made/ boots: bershka
Guys I think a love affair is born! After my suede Charlotte and Mandy combo, here comes the Charlotte and Nettie affair! 

This is actually my first Charlotte skirt from By Hand London. I really love this pattern! I think it is so flattering and it comes together really smoothly. With the endless fabric options you can have for this pattern, the possibilities are really endless. I've already made three of them in different fabrics and love all of them. For this one I cut a 10/14 size with no alterations except shortening the hem . I used this fabric I had in my stash, but I don't really know what kind of fabric this is. 
For the top I used the Nettie pattern by Closet Case patterns. I opted for the scoop front/high back, long-sleeved crop top option.I cut a size 8 at the bust, grading to a size 10 at the waist/hips. I used a sweater knit I had in my stash. No alterations here whatsoever!

Do you have any pattern combos favorites? 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week in photos

photos from my Instagram
                                      Top to bottom,left to right:
                                      1.I love baking on the weekends
                                      2.Chickpea soup and homemade pita bread for lunch
                                      3.On the blog:Mandy boat tee and Virginia leggings
                                      4.Chilled Saturday morning
                                      5.Friday night sewing
                                      6.Good morning with a good breakfast

So how was our week? Have a lovely week everybody!

Sewing routines

I have a sewing routine. Everytime I finish a garment I press it and then I hang it on my clothes rack. It's my favorite part! From that moment, every time I get dressed I look at my latest edition and a little satisfaction smile is created. 

How about you? Do you have a sewing routine? What on your sewing routine gives you a little satisfaction smile?